Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Bank account information

Our Chamber’s bank account information that can be used by our Chamber Members for dues payments is given below.


Bank: Ziraat Bank
Branch: Selimiye
TR46 0001 0024 7132 1114 6150 10

Bank: İş Bank
Branch: Binevler
TR62 0006 4000 0011 3030 0003 09

Bank: Halk Bank
Branch: Edirne Selimiye
TR09 0001 2001 4310 0016 1000 20

Bank: Yapı Kredi Bank
Branch: Edirne Meydan
TR03 0006 7010 0000 0060 6475 48

Bank: Garanti Bank
Branch: Edirne Branch
TR51 0006 2000 0530 0001 2006 89

Note: Please note that your company title information should be written in the explanation section for the dues payments to be made to the bank.

Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Budget and Accounting Regulation According to Article 46, “in exchange for money deposited in the accounts at the Bank by banks given a receipt or receipts for the force acknowledgment of receipt.” Called that because by our chamber for dues payments to be made from the bank also acknowledgment of receipt will not be issued.

It is announced to all our members.