Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Edirne Organized Industrial Zone


The establishment of Edirne Organized Industrial Zone started in 1994 with the establishment of the Enterprising Committee and it is composed of a total area of ​​260 hectares; There are 41 different sized industrial parcels with an area of ​​589,731,31 m² in Edirne Organized Industrial Zone. The Region has mixed OSB and production is allowed in various subjects determined by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Site Selection: The exact location selection in 1995, Süloğlu district, Domurcalı village Balcıbağ rocky ridge about 485 Ha. 107 hectares of the size of the pasture were selected and approved by the SPO.

a) Parcel Information: Region; A, B, C, D, type of industrial parcels are divided into 4 different types. A total of 63 units of industrial parcels, approximately A type parcels 5000 m², type B parcels 7500 m², type C parcels 10.000 m² and D type parcels has an area of ​​15,000 m². The total area of ​​the industrial parcels is 590.320 m².

25 m. In this way, it is entered by the main entrance via 4 tracks. Inland roads 20 m. 13.50 m. and 10 m. lArIndAdIrlAr width. Also 7 m. pedestrian paths are planned.

If necessary, it is possible to own the desired size of land by being converted.

Area of ​​use for buildings; Depending on the land size and towing distances, it is 50%. The facilities to be established shall comply with the ”Regional Reconstruction Regulation Kur.

b) Administrative and Social Cultural Facilities: Administrative and Social Cultural facilities as a mosque, apprenticeship training center, health, trade, management, TSE, Bank, Culture.

c) Technical Infrastructure: The technical infrastructure is divided into treatment facilities, telecommunication, storage area, fuel and maintenance area, truck park and heat power plant.

d) Green Areas: In certain areas of the region, additional places are reserved for the sports area, parks and green areas.


Transportation from Edirne to the region is possible through two districts.

Edirne City Center Lalapaşa Area: 34 km

Edirne City Center Süleoğlu Area: 44 km

Distance from the highway to the district Lalapaşa: 32 km

Distance from motorway to region From Süleoğlu: 30 km

Distance to Hamzabeyli border gate (Bulgaria): 25 km

Distance to Kapikule border gate (Bulgaria): 54 km

Distance to the Pazarkule Border Crossing (Greece): 51 km

Distance to the Ipsala border gate (Greece): 152 km

Distance to Istanbul Port: 242 km

For more information visit www.edirneosb.org.tr

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