Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Edirne Industry and R&D Investigation Inventory

The general purpose of the portal; To determine the industrial potential and research and development (R & D) capacity of Edirne Province and to contribute to the development of the industry and increase the competitiveness. Also;

  • To introduce the Edirne province and its industrialists,
  • To publish current statistical information about Edirne industry,
  • To publish the latest news and announcements about Edirne industry,
  • To publish information about industrial enterprises and technopark companies operating in Edirne by using alternative search options under one roof,
  • To increase the competitiveness of Edirne industrialists and technoparks,
  • To contribute to the future planning and strategy of Edirne industry,
  • To contribute to the strengthening of the industry-university cooperation and to increase the competitiveness of the industry by combining the R & D activities of industrial establishments and technopark companies in a common platform.
  • Determining the industrial potential and research-development (R & D) capacity of Edirne Province and creating an Industry and R & D Talent Inventory with numerical, visual and questionable attribute information based on current and correct information,
  • To prepare numerical, visual and questionable thematic maps of Industry and R & D Capability Inventory by using spatial data collected from the field together with the data collected in the Industry and R & D Ability Inventory database and to make analyzes according to the data types in the database,
  • To provide easy access to Edirne industrialists and companies from all over the world