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The establishment of the Chambers of Commerce in Western countries dates back to 1700. As the equivalence of this kind of organization initiated by the West on these dates, there are Ahiish, guild and tradesmen organizations in the Turks.

In our country, this kind of organization dates back to 1876. Later on 13 / Cemaziyelahir / 1923 with a decree of the Assembly-i Trade and Agriculture councils in cities and towns began to be established. According to the decision taken by the Ministry of Commerce (Ministry of Commerce), the establishment of a Chamber of Commerce in the provinces of Trabzon, Adana, Ankara, Edirne, Hadarendigar and Erzurum in the first degree Selanik, Izmir, Syria, Aleppo, Baghdad provinces and second degree was reported.

When the Trade Association was beneficial, the chairman and members were elected in Edirne for the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce in 1301/1885 and submitted to the Ministry of Commerce for approval.

It is understood that Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry) was established in the Edirne salami (dated from 1301 and 1939). In the 1319/1901 salary, the names of the members of the Edirne Chamber and members of the Commercial Court are included. We could not find any explanation in this 22 years until this date. In fact, the fact that the Balkan War, the Dardanelles and the Battle of Cihan I during the years was the reason we did not find any article about this organization because of the ruins and the migrations.

On September 27, 1341 (1925), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry ordered the establishment of the Chambers of Commerce and the establishment of the Chambers of Commerce with the law that required the official and compulsory member. Thus, with the proposal of this law, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been obliged to become a member of Chambers of Commerce and Industry with the acceptance of Chambers which have not been organized for 40 years as a professional organization. The establishment of Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry was realized with a law and started to work in the city. Our Chamber, which was established as second in our country after Istanbul, will continue its desire to make it in the future without any disruption until now. Our chamber has 20 professional committees.

The first establishment of Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry Delegation of Edirne Chamber of Commerce

Salih Bey  Head
Tüccardan Bahaeddin Efendi Member
Tüccardan Bedestani Hacı Ahmet Ağa  Member
Altunalmaz Malitadi Efendi  Member
Altunalmaz Azaryan Efendi  Member
Yağcıoğlu Kirkor Ağa  Member
Çelebi Yorgaki Ağa  Member
Tüccardan Bedestani Hacı Kamil Efendi  Member
Bakkal Emin Efendi  Member
Todoraki Biraşkidi Ağa  Member
Karakostioðlu Hiristodaliki Ağa  Member
Evakim Ağa  Member

1310/1894 Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture Delegation Chamber of the Central Province

Salih Bey  Head
Vasilaki Efendi  Reis-i Sani
Mehmed Efendi  Member
Emin Efendi  Member
Yani Bekani Efendi Member
Delikano Efendi  Member
Sokiyas Efendi  Member
Kevork Efendi  Member
Avram Azarya Efendi  Member
Aleksandr Efendi Member
Moiz Papo Efendi  Member