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  • Edirne Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası
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  • 1. Murat Mahallesi Talatpasa Cad. No: 80 EDİRNE
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In western countries, founding of commerce chambers dates back to 1700s. During this period, Turks had ahi-order, guilds and vendor community that equivalent to commerce chambers.

Chamber-type organization can be traced back to 1876. The era of establishing Councils of Commerce and Agricultre started, by the ordinance dated 13 Jumada al-Thani, 1923. Ministry of Commerce conveyed the establishment of commerce chambers in following provinces:  importanly; Thessaloniki, Smyrna, Syria, Aleppo, Baghdad,  less importantly;  Trebizond,  Adana, Ankara, Adrionaple, Hüdavendigar.

Seeing that Community of Commerce turned out to be helpful, requisition for establishment of a commerce room in Edirne submitted to Ministry of Commerce in 1885. In 1901’s annual register, members of Edirne Chamber and Commerical Court included. Due to Balkan War, Dardanelles Campaing, World War I., destruction and immigrations, there is no entry ‘till 1923.

With the ‘’Regulation of Commerce and Industry Chambers’’ dated September 27, 1925, competents of trade and industry were required to be legal and mandatory members of chambers and establishment of commerce rooms has started. That regulation enabled chambers, which were not able to be organized for 40 years, to be accepted as professional organizations. Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry established with a law and started its duty within the city. Our chamber, second chamber to be established after Istanbul, will sustain its’ will to comply with dealers and industry with its’ technological and modern services. Our chamber has 20 professional committee.

According to 1885 annual register, central province’s board of Commerce Chamber

Name                                                                             Position

Salih Bey                                                                         Head 
Tüccardan Bahaeddin Efendi                                                 Member 
Tüccardan Bedestani Hacı Ahmet Ağa                                     Member 
Altunalmaz Malitadi Efendi                                                   Member 
Altunalmaz Azaryan Efendi  Yağcıoğlu Kirkor Ağa                       Member 
Çelebi Yorgaki Ağa                                                             Member
Tüccardan Bedestani Hacı Kamil Efendi                                   Member 
Bakkal Emin Efendi                                                            Member 
Todoraki Biraşkidi Ağa                                                        Member 
Karakostioðlu Hiristodaliki Ağa                                             Member
Evakim Ağa                                                                     Member


According to 1894 annual register, central province’s board of Commerce, Agriculture and Craft

Name                                                                             Position

Salih Bey                                                                         Head 
Vasilaki Efendi                                                                  Head of Sani 
Mehmed Efendi                                                                 Member 
Emin Efendi                                                                     Member
Yani Bekani Efendi                                                             Member
Delikano Efendi                                                                Member 
Sokiyas Efendi                                                                 Member 
Kevork Efendi                                                                  Member 
Avram Azarya Efendi                                                         Member         
Aleksandr Efendi                                                              Member 
Moiz Papo Efendi                                                              Member

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